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Cards for every occasion throughout the year! We are so happy you are here!

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Tim Janis is a producer, director, filmmaker, composer, and writer whose films can be seen on Paramount Pictures, Starz, Universal Peacock TV, and in cinemas across the US. His music has achieved world-wide popularity and can be heard throughout Walt Disney Theme Parks, PBS, and in prestigious concert halls like Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

Elizabeth Demmer (VICE-PRESIDENT)

Oversees and manages creative development, all domestic and foreign projects, content distribution strategy across platforms, identifies and developes company partnerships and growth strategies.

i’m styngvi, the artivist from iceland (ABC)

My whole life I have been an explorer and always felt most comfortable with a pencil in my hand. I studied in the Netherlands and graduated with a B.Sc degree in Creative Media and Visual Communication in 2018. Now I'm working as a full-time artist, activist, and illustrator with a strong ethical value in art direction and branding.


Responsible for daily marketing aspects, strategic partnerships, brand placement, consumer relations, and outreach.

Robert J.Galiette (LEAD COUNCIL)

Rob Galiette is a corporate attorney, both in-house and in private practice in New York, Connecticut and DC in insurance and reinsurance matters for major corporations, and is registered as an intellectual property law attorney with the Patent & Trademark Office, U.S. Dept. of Commerce. He also is a writer and researcher for creative productions with Tim Janis, and provides counsel for entertainment law matters. Tim and Rob have worked together for more than a dozen years to develop the annual December Carnegie Hall holiday concert and many other programs, including major film productions. They share an associated interest to support and promote music education in schools. Rob and his wife are long-time residents in shoreline Essex, Connecticut, where he’s worked actively to promote tourism and economic development in the Tri-State area. In his support of the theater and musical productions, Rob continues a family tradition, most notably of his uncle Nick Famiglietti, music arranger for LeRoy Anderson, and his uncle Richard Barri, who prominently was the founder and Artistic Director for many years of The Opera Theatre of New York.

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